Founder of Bieren Boels

Peter Boels

Peter Boels was born in Bruges, Belgium, in 1968. Via his dad, Freddy Boels, he developed an interest in beer and the complete brewing cycle.

He first followed a training as "hobby-brewer" and in 2017 he brewed his first beer in a small brew tank of 30 liters. This became the first prototype for the "Authentic Amber Boelsbeer".

Afterwards, Peter followed a training as craft brewer. During this period, the interest for beer even grew, mainly thanks to two passionate trainers: Christophe Benoît (Microbrewery Benoît, Kortrijk) and Thomas Vandelanotte (master brewer at Bourgogne des Flandres, Brewery Timmermans and Brasserie Waterloo)

Pater Familias and biggest supporter

Freddy Boels

Freddy Boels was born in Adegem in 1943. He was a student of the brewing academy Sint-Lieven in Ghent, where he also was the Praeses (student leader) for the brewing academy.

Freddy enjoys life and appreciates good drinks and food. 

He is the one who passed on his interest for beer and its creation process to his two children, Peter and Anita.

Both have further developed these interests: Anita enrolled for courses as Craft Brewer and also distilling; Peter followed a course as amateur brewer and later also craft brewer.

His enthusiasm for the product and his experience, turn Fred into the perfect sounding board and taster!